Here you will find viola ensemble repertoire for duo, trio, quintet, sextet, octet


The repertoire here is graded from Easy through Medium to Advanced.

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Albinoni - Introduction and Allegro

This is a Concerto Grosso for viola ensemble, and fabulous fun to play. There are tutti parts with principal solos, and also two easy parts to make it accessible to a wider range of abilities. 5 mins. M/A


J S Bach - Concertante

This is for viola orchestra with four separate solo parts. It's a powerful piece and great to play, with lots of interest in all the parts. 7 mis. M/A


J S Bach - Prelude for Three Violas

You might know this as the prelude to Bach's fourth cello suite. Who am I to query Bach, and I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing, but in it's original form it does look rather like keyboard writing, not easy on a stringed instrument? However, in this trio version Sancho has highlighted the fascinating harmony and counterpoint that is hidden within the music. It begins very simply, but gradually things become more complex. 4 mins. M


J S Bach - Sonata for viola trio

This is a substantial four movement sonata: Adagio, Allegro ma non tanto, Andante, Allegro moderato. A lovely piece, displaying Bach's genius for counterpoint, with lots of interest for all the players. mins. M


Beethoven - Three Pieces for viola trio

Beethoven at his most stylish, these will make a very satisfying play: A virtuoso Scherzando Vivace, Minuetto moderato e grazioso, Rondo Allegro. 10 mins. A


Berlioz - Toccata for Viola Trio

I have always loved Belioz' music, it's my kind of quirky. And this piece is no exception. Wonderfully wry and romantic with three equally matched violas. 3 mins. M


Boccherini - Two Viola Trios

Boccherini at his most charming, and delightful to play. Presenting two complete three-movement works for viola trio: 1) Allegro con spirito, Largo assai, Tempo di Minuetto. 2) Allegro, Largo Amoroso, Presto assai. 30 mins. M/A


Byrd - O Mistris Myne for double viola quartet

For best effect, position the two quartets slightly apart. It's one of those pieces that is harder than it looks but well worth the effort, we hope you'll agree. 9 mins. M/A


Chopin - Fugue for viola duo

A beautifully flowing, somewhat haunting fugue in A minor, where the two players weave slowly around each other. Both parts are equally matched. Very enjoyable to play. 3.5 mins. M


Christmas Duo - for two violas

A seasonal duo with some well know melodies. Challenging, tricky, but fun. 7 mins A


Cooke - Fantasia for three violas

Wonderful harmonies and subtle dialogue within the ensemble. This is a very satisfying piece to play. 3 mins. E


Delibes - Viola Trio

A lilting and very charming trio. All the parts are evenly matched. A joy to play. 3 mins. M


Dvorák - Three Miniatures for viola trio

Three wonderful pieces of mature Dvorak: Cavatina, Capriccio, Romance. Superbly arranged for viola trio with lots of interest for all the players. 9 mins. M/A


Engaño - The Gypsy Viola - for viola duo

Originally for viola quartet (see Our Music Shop), Sancho has created this brilliant and virtuoso perpetuum mobile duo - but it's insanely difficult! 3.5 mins. A


Franck - Five Interludes for viola trio

These five short pieces are a joy to play: Andantino, Allegro moderato, Maestoso, Allegretto, Poco allegro. 6.5 mins. M


Gibbons - Pavan and Galliard for six violas

A viola sextet with lots of interest and dialogue for all the players. 9.5 mins. M


Handel - Chaconne for Two Violas

A powerful and virtuoso piece for viola duo, with double-stops that give it the sound of a quartet at times. The two parts are evenly matched. 5 mins. M/A


Handel - Chaconne for viola trio

A brilliant piece of writing, with lots of interest for all the players. 7 mins. M


Haydn - Three Viola Trios

A substantial volume; three complete works for viola threesome. You'll have some fun with these. Trio 1: Adagio, Menuet and Trio, Presto. Trio 2: Adagio, Allegro, Menuet and Trio. Trio 3: Allegro, Menuet and Trio, Fuga. 29 mins. M/A


Haydn - Two Divertimenti for Viola Trio

Serene and charming, these two slow movements show Haydn at his most eloquent. Lots of interest in all the parts. 16 mins. M


Monteverdi - Madrigal for five violas

A lovely flowing piece of misic, a beautiful blended sound. 4 mins. E


Mozart - Lacrymosa for six violas

Surely one of Mozart's most poignant movements, taken from his last great work, the Requiem. 2.5 mins. M/A


Mozart - Three Serenades for viola trio

This substantial volume of three complete trios is written in Mozart's most fluent and elegant style, each one comprising five separate movements: Allegro, Minuet and trio, Adagio, Minuet and trio, Rondo. Delightful to play with lots of interest in all the parts. 60 mins. M


Mozart - Viola Trio in C minor

A powerful single movement, with lots of interest for all the players, the first part is the hardest. 5 mins. A


Novácek - Five Bulgarian Dances for viola ensemble

Perfect for viola orchestra, these five atmospheric dances will be very satisfying to play, with solos in each part. 7 mins. M


Praetorius - Galliard for eight violas

This is a double-viola quartet. Position the two ensembles slightly apart. Lovely counterpoint and dialogue. 5 mins. M


Scarlatti - Three Viola Duos

Three virtuoso duos in Scarlatti's flamboyant style: F major, D minor, F sharp minor. 8 mins. A


Six Early Viola Duos

Ideal for the viola scholar, these six duos will be a most rewarding play: Pierre Certon, Henry Purcell, Charles Buteme, Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, Johann Schop, and Jean-Baptiste Loeillet. 14 mins. E


Smetana - The Bartered Bride Overture (6 violas)

Presenting this fantastic virtuoso overture, in our unique version for viola sextet. Lots of exciting action in all the parts. 7 mins. A


Telemann - Suite in G for viola trio

A perfectly charming four-movement suite: Allegretto, Allegro, Grave/Largo, Vivace. Lots of interest for all the players. We love it, and you will too. 9 mins. M


Three Renaissance Pieces - for viola trio

These three lovely pieces by Thomas Morley, Thomas Tallis, and Richard Cooke, are ideal for the viola scholar and will be a joy to play. 8.5 mins. E/M


Tomkins - In Nomini for three violas

Very busy parts 1 & 2, with an easy third part. It can also be played using two violins (if you must). 3 mins. M/A


Torelli - Sinfonia for eight violas

Another double-viola quartet: Largo followed by Allegro. Very grand and brilliant writing. Great fun to perform. 8 mins. M/A 


Verdi - Nocturne for viola ensemble

A beautiful, slow moving, and enchanting piece of music. Ideal for both solo quartet and viola orchestra. All the parts share the interest. 3.5 mins. E/M


Wilbye - Concerto Grosso for viola ensemble

A substantial work in six movements for viola orchestra with solos in all the parts. 15 mins. M


Zipoli - Suite for viola trio

A charming four-movement suite in the French style: Preludio, Corrente, Sarabanda, Giga. 12 mins. M/A


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