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All the sheet music on this page is for Viola Quartet, and ranges from Easy (E), Easy-to-Medium (E/M), Medium (M), Medium-to-Advanced (M/A), and Advanced (A), listed by composer alphabetically. You will also find the complete parts and scores from every track on the CD. 


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Abreu - Tico-tico no fubá

A classic piece of Samba, in our version for viola quartet - that makes it quite rare! The first player has the most notes, but it is a lot of fun for everyone. 3.5 mins. A


Albinoni - Sinfonia for four violas

These days Albinoni tends to be best known for the "Adagio" that he didn't actually write. However, this is the real deal and it is a fantastic three-movement work: Allegro, Adagio, Allegro. We've performed it many times and we guarantee you'll love it. (Listen to the live sound-clip of us in performance) 9 mins. M


C P E Bach - Quartet in A minor

Very elegant, early classical style with lots of interest in all the parts. 5 mins. A


J S Bach - Alla Duodecima

Only Bach could write a fugue like this. Amazing! Lots of interest in all the parts. 4.5 mins. M


J S Bach - Contrapunctus

Taken from Bach's last and unfinished great work, "The Art of Fugue", that was not intended to be for any specific instruments, rather a representation of the four human voices. We think the viola foursome adapts particularly well - but we would, wouldn't we? (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 4.5 mins. M


J S Bach - Cum Sancto Spiritu

A truly extraordinary, powerful, and compelling piece of music, arranged from the final part of Bach's Mass in G, and revealing his genius for complex counterpoint - to the extent that it has only three cadences in its entirety. In my opinion there are very few composers that could equal this. Challenging, but also very rewarding to play. 5.5 mins. M/A


J S Bach - Gigue for viola quartet

Here is Bach's famous Gigue from his second Partita, but as you've never heard it before, in our version for viola quartet. Lots of interest in all the parts. Altogether a very satisfying play. 5 mins. M


J S Bach - Minuet and Badinerie

These two short movements, taken from his second orchestral suite, work perfectly as a contrasting pair. Never before arranged for viola quartet, they will make a pleasing addition to your repertoire. The first player gets to play the tricky notes! 3 mins. M/A


J S Bach - Prelude Adagio

Bach at his best. This is surely one of his most atmospheric and haunting movements. We like to switch off the vibrato for this one. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 3.5 mins. M


J S Bach - Prelude and Fugue in C minor

A powerful and relentless prelude, followed by a superb fugue. All the players share the action. 4 mins. A


J S Bach - Quartet Sonata for four violas

What an amazing piece of music. All the parts are important all of the time, so there is always something interesting happening. You've probably realized by this time that I am a massive fan of Bach's music, but I know you'll love it too. 7 mins. M/A


J S Bach - Three Fantasias for viola quartet

Okay, I know I'm a bit of a Bach nut, but these Fantasias are just perfect! Says it all, really. Very few composers are in Bach's league when it comes to effortless, complex counterpoint, where every player has such an integral part. Can't get enough. 12 mins. M


Beethoven - Allegretto from Symphony No. 7

This is the slow (ish) movement from Beethoven's 7th Symphony, although in his time it was often performed as a piece in its own right. So here is our viola quartet version, with lots of interest in all the parts. Altogether a very satisfying play. 8 mins M/A


Beethoven - "Boogie"

Strange as it may seem, this really is genuine late-period Beethoven. But what a fun piece of music! (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 2 mins. M/A


Beethoven - Für Elise for viola quartet

The original manuscript was discovered many years after Beethoven's death, and has since become one of Beethoven's most popular and enduring pieces, yet the identity of Elise remains uncertain. Despite it's popularity as a piano work, it really translates perfectly into a viola quartet. Why has this never been done before?

What you will get when you purchase this music are two entirely different versions: The first being a faithful transcription for viola foursome, and the second (titled "Fur Elise Plus") containing some interesting features woven into the music - Heigh Ho, Hornpipe, 7th Symphony, and a Waltz. What fun! 6.5 mins (total) M/A


Beethoven - Prometheus Overture

This heroic piece of music, inspired by the character from Greek legend, is a fabulous virtuoso romp with all the energy and excitement you'd expect from Beethoven's writing. It will have your audiences leaping from their seats. Lots of action in all the parts. 5 mins. M/A


Beethoven - Rondo a Capriccio - for viola quartet

An energetic and virtuoso viola quartet in one movement with plenty of interest in all the parts. Our audiences love it. (You can watch a movie-clip on YouTube of us rehearsing this piece in Germany.) 7 mins. A


Beethoven - Satz, Opus 111

Beethoven's late works have been a life-long fascination for me. This is an arrangement from his last published piano sonata. Being in the powerful key of C minor, it works particularly well as a viola quartet. Indeed, the writing seems to me to be more akin to his string quartets than for the keyboard - but what do I know? Fast, agitated, but with just a few glimpses of calm. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 9 mins. A


Beethoven - Serenade for viola quartet

Here is a superb and substantial piece (7 movements) of early Beethoven; full of vitality, passion, and imagination. You might know it as 'Notturno' for viola and piano, although that is an arrangement from what was originally a string trio. It makes a very enjoyable viola quartet with lots of interest in all the parts (a few tricky moments for the first player, though). 30 mins. A


Beethoven - Symphony No.5 (complete)

Never before attempted; the entire symphony in our amazing and unique version for viola quartet: 1. Allegro con brio, 2. Andante con moto, 3. Allegro, 4. Allegro. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but lots of fun. 35 mins A


Beethoven - Symphony No.5 (first movement)

... and for those of you who'd rather simply have the iconic and instantly recognizable first movement, here it is. 6.5 mins. A


Biber - Harmonia Artificiosa Ariosa

A four-movement suite by a baroque virtuoso. Just turn off your vibrato and enjoy the ride. 16 mins. A


Bizet - Cavatina for viola quartet

I confess, the name "Cavatina" was of our creation. But if we'd simply called it "the slow movement from the Symphony in C", it would not do justice to this wonderfully simple, haunting, and lyrical melody by a young genius in his teens. It transforms perfectly into a viola quartet. A very enjoyable play. 9 mins. M


Bizet - Menuetto

What a charming piece, and lovely to perform with plenty of interest for all the players. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 4 mins. M


Boccherini - Sonatina - for viola quartet

A lovely three-movement classical suite: Allegro moderato, Andante, Allegretto. 11mins. M/A


Borodin - Polka

Borodin sure knew how to write a good tune. This is a charming and jaunty polka where the first player has much of the melodic interest. It would make both a super curtain-raiser or a great encore, or just play it for fun. 3 mins. M


Brahms - Adagio from 2nd Symphony

A sumptuous quartet movement with plenty of interest in all the parts. I've played the second symphony many times and always been envious of the cello melody at the start of the slow movement. OK, so Brahms got it wrong - you and I know it should have been scored for violas. So here it is, problem solved! But seriously, I have observed that much of Brahms' actual chamber music for small ensembles sounds rather symphonic, with frequent octave doubling and multiple stopping, but this piece, indeed, works very sympathetically as a quartet movement.7.5 mins. A


Brahms - "Appassionata"

A wonderful, passionate single movement that I'm sure all violists will recognize. Lots of interest in all the parts. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 5.5 mins. M/A


Brahms - Four Hungarian Dances

Here's a selection of our favorite Hungarian Dances - and yes, the one you're thinking about is definitely one of them. Actually they're all great and we never get tired of playing them. 8 mins. M/A


Brahms - Poco Allegretto for viola quartet

Brahms at his most whimsical and charming. Taken from his third symphony, this slow, lyrical waltz with it's wonderful flowing accompaniment is the perfect example to demonstrate the breadth of expression of a viola ensemble. And every player gets to play the melody at some point - Yay! 6 mins M/A


Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn

Presenting one of Brahms' great works in our unique arrangement for viola quartet. It translates very well for a viola foursome, with lots of exciting action for all the players. 18.5 mins. A


Brahms - Viola quartet in A minor

A powerful single-movement with lots of interest in all the parts. 6 mins. A


Bruch - Adagio on a Celtic Melody

Bruch's unashamedly romantic take on a traditional melody. The first viola part contains most of the interest. 8.5 mins. M/A


Bruch - Romance for viola quartet

Indulge yourself in this, our own version of Bruch's much loved Romance. Lots of interest in all the parts. 7 mins. M/A


Bruch - Quartet Concerto for four violas

Hugely romantic, this superb virtuoso work is arranged from Bruch's double concerto for viola and clarinet. The title 'Quartet Concerto' reflects both its origin and also the relationship between the parts, where all the players play an equal role with much scope for dialogue - thus, both a string quartet and a concerto at the same time. You're going to love it. Three movements: Andante con moto, Allegro moderato, Allegro molto. 19 mins. A


Bruckner - Fantasie for viola quartet

Until recently my experience of Anton Bruckner had been confined to his symphonic works: Massive, impressive, often very loud, and LOTS of tremolando. So I was thrilled to discover this recent Fantasie for viola quartet: Subtle, stylish, lighthearted, romantic, and NO tremolando. What a delight to play. 7 mins. M


Butterworth - The Banks of Green Willow

Using two English folk melodies, Butterworth has created a magical piece of music that works beautifully for viola ensemble. I'm sure he would have been one of the English 'greats' had he not died during the First World War. 6 mins. M/A


Byrd - Suite for viola quartet

This substantial Suite comprising five superb movements will be challenging to play - but well worth it, we think. 30 mins. M/A


Chabrier - Boureé Fantasque

Ahead of his time, this is a lively virtuoso romp full of passion and energy, with lots of interest in all the parts, and it's amazing fun to play. 5.5 mins. A


Chausson - Quelques Danses Op.26

Taken from traditional French dances, these four lovely romantic pieces are a joy to play: Dedicace, Sarabande, Pavane, Forlane. 15 mins. M/A


Cherubini - Sonatina for viola quartet

Full of passion and drama, this three-movement sonatina (Larghetto, Largo, Allegro moderato) has plenty of interest for all the players. 9.5 mins. A


Chopin - Polska

A wonderful bitter-sweet Mazurka that takes the listener on an emotional journey. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 7 mins. A


Corelli - Christmas Concerto

Written for Christmas but enjoyable at any time of the year, this lovely six-movement concertino works beautifully for viola ensemble. To any violist who's played the original string orchestra version of this concerto grosso, you will know the viola part is Dull, Dull, Dull! Annoying, isn't it? However, here's our version - problem solved. 14.5 mins. M


Corelli - Four Concerti for Viola Quartet

These are not concerti as we would currently regard them. Rather, four separate pieces, three of which are in two movements (slow then fast), the final one is a single. But they are a joy to play, with the interest shared equally, and plenty of dialogue between the players. Brilliant, passionate, and a lot of fun. 14 mins. M/A


Debussy - En Bateau

Utterly charming, allow yourself to be transported by this sublime music. Originally for piano duet, it transcribes perfectly into a viola quartet, with sumptuous harmonies, and plenty of scope for dialogue between the evenly matched parts. 4 mins M/A


Debussy - Three Pieces for Viola Quartet

These pieces, Mazurka, Golliwog's Cake Walk, and La fille aux cheveaux du lin, originally for piano but adapt particularly well for viola foursome, we hope you'll agree. Delightful to play. 8.5 mins. M/A


Delibes - Pizzicati

Presenting the famous and tremendously popular Pizzicati from Delibes' opera, Sylvia. 2 mins. E/M


Dowland - In darkness let me dwell

Originally for voice and lute, sometimes with a viol bass, here's our version of this beautiful, melancholy song. Two players are arco, and two will be lutes. 3.5 mins. M


Dvorák - "Capriccio" for viola quartet

This is Dvorak at his most charming. Lots of interest in all the parts. We think you'll enjoy this one. 3 min. M


Dvorák - Dumka

Dvorak at his best. A lovely passionate single-movement with lots of contrast and interest in all the parts. 4 mins. M/A


Dvorák - Elegie for viola quartet

Originally for string trio, but horribly doublestoppy, this single movement with its strangley disjointed melody works superbly as a viola quartet. Dvorak, himself a violist, at his most passionate. 3.5 mins. M


Dvorák - Largo, from the New World

I realize it's a classic and everyone knows it, but it is such a superb piece of music and it arranges so well for viola quartet that Sancho (our associate composer) couldn't resist taking it on. And what a great job he's done. You are going to love playing this. Lots of interest for all the players. 9 mins. M/A


Dvorák - Song to the Moon

This piece of music takes the prize for Dvorak's most beautiful melody - and that is up against some fairly stiff competition. Originally an aria from his opera, Rusalka, it makes a super viola quartet, with the first player taking the lead role. Guaranteed to make your audiences swoon. 5 mins. M


Elgar - Five Pieces for Viola Quartet

A choice and varied selection of music by one of England's greats: Sursum Corda, Idylle, Bizarrerie, Pastourelle, Romance (from the violin concerto). M/A


Elgar - "Nimrod" for viola quartet

It is always a pleasure playing Elgar's music, as he was a master craftsman with an almost obsessive attention to detail, always clear in his intentions and leaving nothing to chance. And of all the variations in Elgar's masterwork, Enigma, the iconic "Nimrod" seems to have taken on a life of its own with it's slow moving, majestic melody. We are delighted to present to you two separate arrangements of this fabulous variation, both entirely different, one of which requires the 4th player to tune the C string to B flat. 3 mins. E/M


Engaño - "Blues Suite" for viola quartet

Our associate composer has come up with a winner with this four-movement suite in the dixie blues style: Dixie Doodle, For Four, Blue Syncopation, Just Strollin'. We've performed them many times, and I promise they will put smiles on the faces of your audience. 19 mins. M/A


Engaño - "Fugal Schmugal"


He's done it again. Our associate composer has come up with not only a fugue, but a Jewish fugue - that has got to be a first. It's a really great piece that gets gradually faster throughout until you reach a surprize ending. Terrific to play. 5 mins. A

He's done it again. Our associate composer has come up with not only a fugue, but a Jewish fugue - that has got to be a first. It's a really great piece that gets gradually faster throughout until you reach a surprize ending. Terrific to play. 5 mins. A


Engaño - "The Gypsy Viola" for viola quartet

Acording to the composer, you must play it as fast as possible. It's a perpetuum mobile with a crazy difficult first viola part! 3.5 mins. A


Engaño - Happy (Classical) Birthday

"Happy Birthday" as you've never heard it before. This amazing piece takes you on a tour of some of the great classics, but with that well-known melody woven into the music. Definitely one-of-a-kind! 7 mins. M/A


Engaño - "Pizzipeezy" for viola quartet

Written with the young viola student in mind, this highly entertaining quartet is played entirely pizzicato. Thus with no bowing issues, and being entirely in first position, and by playing either on-the-beat or the half-beat, it will encourage good rhythm and ensemble skills as well as being a lot of fun. It is the 'junior' version of "Tricksy Pizzy", also available as part of "The Art of Pizzicato". E


Engaño - Tango Bach

From the pen of our associate composer, this dark tango is very atmospheric, with a great cadenza for the first player. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 5 mins. A


Engaño - The Art of Pizzicato

Another first! A complete volume of 6 original and performable works for viola quartet, where pizzicato plays a major role. It covers a wide spectrum of pizzicato techniques, both with the instrument raised and in guitar posture. As far as I am aware there has never before been such a compilation that features this essential aspect of string playing. A full explanation of the various techniques employed can be found inside the title page of all the parts and score. Over the years our associate composer, Sancho Engaño, has fully embraced the viola, making maximum use of it's expressive qualities, not least pizzicato. In compiling this volume he has extensively edited and re-worked every piece. They are all really super and accessible pieces of music: 1. Bach for Oscar 2. Sicilienne 3. Ukulele 4. Noche de Musica 5. Tricksy Pizzy 6. Story of Two Minstrels.  Here is a movie-clip of us performing the atmospheric 'Story of Two Minstrels' during one of our Violaramas. 20 mins. M


Falla - Pièces Espagnoles

Presenting Manuel de Falla, one of Spain's best loved composers, with this wonderfully evocative and substantial 4-movement work: Aragonesa, Cubana, Montañesa, Andaluza. It will transport you. 17 mins. M/A


Farnaby - Four Pieces for viola quartet

Giles Farnaby (1563-1640) is one of the best known English composers of this period. He received a music degree at Oxford University and was a fine virginal player, but he never really became a fully professional musician, choosing teaching rather than performing, despite his many great compositions. These four wonderful pieces arrange beautifully for viola quartet. 12 mins. M


Fasch - Sonatina for viola quartet

Johann Freidrich Fasch doesn't get the credit he deserves, in my opinion. Think of Bach's love of complex counterpoint, combined with Vivaldi's vivacity, then add his own mastery of sequential writing, and you've got it. This music is a joy to play, with lots of interest in all the parts. Four movements: Andante, Allegro, Largo, Allegro. 9 mins. M


Fauré - Fantasie, Op.79

Adapted from flute and piano, this sparkling Fantasie makes a very pleasing virtuoso viola quartet, with the first player taking the main part. You're going to need nimble fingers. 5 mins. A


Fauré - Four Pieces for viola quartet

Prelude (where the first player tunes the C string down to B), Nocturn, Romance, and Vocalise. You are going to love these pieces. 10 mins. M


Folk Music Album - for viola quartet

This collection of seven folk melodies (with chords symbols in the score) are perfect for the viola ensemble student. We love them. 10 mins. E


Gabrieli - Quattro Canzoni

Four stately and majestic works for viola quartet, lots of dialogue and imitation between the players. Very rewarding to play. 11.5 mins. M


Glazanov - Theme and Variations

A lovely gentle theme, followed by six variations. Lots of interest for all the players. 9.5 mins. M


Glinka - Rondo Brillante

This is pure fun: a brilliant, virtuoso, silly piece of music that is great fun to perform. The first part is the most difficult. 6.5 mins. A


Glinka - Ruslan and Ludmila Overture

It's a classic! This gives the lie to those who wrongly imagine the viola only plays somber music. Never before arranged for viola quartet, here is our very own version of this well loved, vivacious and brilliant overture. Lots of excitement in all the parts. 5.5 mis. A


Gluck - Pizzicato for viola ensemble

Perfect for both quartet or viola orchestra, this lighthearted pizzicato ditty is short and fun. 1 min. E


Granados - Three Spanish Dances for viola quartet

From one of Spain's greatest composers, these three pieces work very well for viola foursome: Allegro, Andante, Allegretto alla pastorale. 13 mins. M/A


Grieg - Four Poetic Tone Pictures

Four lovely pieces of mature Grieg with lots of interest in all the parts: Allegro ma non troppo, Allegro cantabile, Con moto, Allegro moderato. 7 mins. M


Grillo - Three Canzoni for viola ensemble

Having been an orchestral violist I've enjoyed the symphonic repertoire over the years - well, most of it. But I now discover there is a wealth of music that predates the classical era. And here is some of it: from the late 16th century, a lovely collection of Canzoni. Turn off the vibrato, clear your mind of complex and distracting harmonies, and enjoy this sublime music. Ideal for solo quartet and massed violas. 12 mins. E


Handel - "Messiah" Concerto for viola quartet

From one of the greatest pieces of music of all time, this is a quartet fantasia using melodies from The Messiah. Lots of interest for all the players, and a joy to play. 15 mins. M


Handel - Saraband for four violas

To all violists who have played any of Handel's great works, you will know that when the going gets tough the violas drop out. But at least we have the pleasure of watching the violins struggling with the notes. What does that say about the violists that Handel had to work with I wonder? However, here we have a very atmospheric and original piece; a passacaglia with variations. But what a scary hard first viola part - not for the faint-hearted. 7 mins. M/A


Handel - Sinfonia

This three-movement Sinfonia is a joy to play: Andante, Allegro, Adagio/Allegro non troppo. 8 mins. M


Haydn - Serenade

A charming melody where the first player vocalises (con sordino), while the others play a guitar accompaniment. M


Haydn - Viola Quartet in D major

This lovely three-movement work (Allegro, Andante, Allegro ma dolce) is mature Haydn at his best, and is very satisfying to perform. 15 mins. M/A


Holst - Suite for viola quartet

This three-movement suite (Chaconne, Intermezzo, March) is an arrangement of Holst's first suite for military band. It works very well for a viola foursome, and we've performed it many times. Lots of interest in all the parts. 11 mins. A


Humperdinck - Wiegenlied

He was a master composer in the true romantic tradition. A beautiful lullaby: lilting, gentle music with wonderfully subtle harmonies. 3.5 mins. M


Irish variations - A Hard Road to Travel

A catchy melody with variations to follow, and a crazy ending. You'll love it. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 4.5 mins. A


Irish variations - Rolling on the Ryegrass

A lovely lilting melody, with lots of interest in all the parts. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 4.5 mins. M


Joplin - Ragtime Dance

This rag will brighten up any day. Literally, a foot-tapper! (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 3.5 mins. M


Joplin - Weeping Willow Rag

This is a great Rag - but only if you like a lot of syncopations. Have fun! 4 mins. M


Kreutzer - "Number Two" for viola quartet

"Dedicated to all string students", Sancho Engano, our associate composer, has created this Jazzy encore piece using Kreutzer's famous second etude. Silly but fun. 1.5 mins. M


Lalo - Two Folk Melodies for viola quartet

You'll love these two uplifting pieces. Lots of interest in all the parts. 6 mins. M


Lassus - Pensieri di pace

Possibly the most beautiful piece of music ever written - I realize that's a bold statement, and there must be many compositions worthy of the title, but this happens to be a particular favourite of mine. Slow but with extraordinary harmonies, and plenty of interest in all the parts. I promise you'll love it. Suitable both as a quartet and viola orchestra. 4.5 mins. E


Leclair - Sarabande et Tambourin

Starting with an atmospheric slow movement, followed by a very exhilarating dance. Lots of busy notes for the first player. 7 mins. A


Liszt - "Csárdás Macabre" for viola quartet

Seriously spooky and a toughie to play, but you're going to like Liszt's crazy horror dance. 7.5 mins. A


Locatelli - Sinfonia Funebre

This superb five-movement suite takes the listener through the stages of grieving, and yet it is a powerful and ultimately uplifting work, ending with the movement titled "La Consolatione".  Lots of interest in all the parts. 15 mins. M


MacCunn - Hornpipe

A lovely and varied hornpipe from one of Scotland's finest composers. Originally for piano, it adapts perfectly for viola quartet. 2 mins. A


Mahler - "Ländler" for Viola Quartet

You might know this piece as the brilliant second movement from Mahler's First Symphony. A sparkling and virtuoso folk dance that will make a spectacular addition to any programme. Lots of interest in all the parts. 8.5 mins. M/A


Marais - Suite for viola quartet

Marais wrote a lot of music for viol. This five-movement suite works very well as a viola ensemble work, and is very enjoyable to play. 12 mins. M/A


Massenet - Suite for viola quartet

This four-movement suite (Andante sostenuto/allegro, Andante quasi allegretto, Andante sostenuto quasi adagio, Allegro moderatao tempo di marcia) adapts very well to make a substantial viola quartet. 24 mins. A


Mendelssohn - "Fingal's Cave" for viola quartet

A well know and much loved piece of music, but I'm willing to bet your audiences have never heard this version, and yet it arranges very well for viola ensemble. Plenty of interest for all the players. 11 mins. A


Mendelssohn - "Scherzo" for viola quartet

This is the brilliant and virtuoso Scherzo from Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Loads of fun, but nimble fingers needed! 5 mins. A


Mendelssohn - Sinfonia in B flat Major

Here is one of Mendelssohn's sparkling Sinfonias in three movements: Allegro vivace, Andante, Presto. 13 mins. M


Mendelssohn - Sinfonia in D Major

Full of 'joie de vivre', another example of Mendelssohn's great string writing, and it works so well for viola ensemble. 11 mins. M


Mendelssohn - Symphony No.4 in A major

Presenting the complete Symphony number 4, "The Italian", by Felix Mendelssohn: 1. Allegro vivace, 2. Andante con moto, 3. Con moto moderato, 4. Saltarello Presto. You might be surprised to learn it really makes a fabulous virtuoso viola quartet, with plenty of action in all the parts. 30 mins. A


Mendelssohn - Viola Quartet in C minor

I particularly love Mendelssohn's early music - bursting with vitality, passion and elan, and written with the consummate skill the like of which other composers could rarely achieve at twice his age. Here is his wonderful C minor sonata in our own version for viola foursome. Being a violist himself, you can clearly see the affinity he has with our lovely instrument. Three movements: Adagio/Allegro, Menuetto Allegro molto, Andante con variazioni. 26 mins. A


Mozart - Allegro Spiritoso

Taken from Mozart's 'Vespers' (which, incidentally, has no viola part!). This movement will make a very uplifting addition to your concert programme. We have used it as a curtain-raiser; a very good way to get your concert off to a good start. 4.5 mins. M/A


Mozart - The Magic Flute Fantasy

This is our very own Fantasy taken from one of Mozart's greatest operas. There is lots of interest in all the parts. 16 mins. M/A


Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca

Presenting one of Mozart's most popular works (and it's not hard to see why!), in our version for viola quartet. Sparkling, witty, virtuoso, and a lot of fun. 3.5 mins A


Mozart - Symphony number 40 (complete)

For the first time ever: a complete Mozart symphony in a wonderful arrangement for viola quartet. 1.Allegro molto, 2.Andante, 3.Menuetto Allegro, 4.Allegro assai. Lots of interest in all the parts. Massive fun to play. 48 mins. M/A


Mozart - Viola Quartet in C major

Here's a light-hearted viola quartet movement with all the charm you'd expect from Mozart. 5.5 mins M/A


Mozart - Viola Quartet in C minor

A lovely bitter-sweet quartet movement with a wonderful lyrical melody. 6.5 mins. M/A


Mussorgsky - Three Pieces for viola quartet

Here are three contrasting pieces: Capriccio, Une Larme, and Scherzo; two dance movements with a lilting and romantic middle movement in Mussorgsky's particularly Russian style. 10 mins. M/A 


Nielsen - Six Miniatures for viola quartet

These are taken from a collection of sketches by Nielsen, possibly they were intended to be used in some future work that was never composed. They transport the listener to another world, with a wonderful range of colours and expression. Lots of interst in all the parts. 9.5 mins. M


Novácek - Eight Bulgarian Dances

This lovely collection of eight traditional dances, realized in Novacek's individual romantic style, will make a very enjoyable addition to any concert programme. 12 mins. M/A


Paganini - "La Campanella" for viola quartet

A sparkling and virtuoso rondo which is great fun to perform. We make no apologies for trespassing on violin territory. 7.5 mins. A


Paganini - Moto Perpetuo

An energetic and virtuoso showpiece that has always been very popular with the violin fraternity. However, the best just got even better: Here we have the all-viola version with plenty of action in all the parts. What fun! 5 mins. A


Palestrina - Four Pieces for viola ensemble

Four beautiful and haunting movements. Turn off the vibrato and enjoy.11 mins. E


Parry - Lady Radnor's Suite for viola quartet

Here's a remarkable piece of writing that was begging to be expertly violaized. A six movement suite based on old French dances, but also managing to be in the true English tradition that you'd expect from the composer of "Jerusalem". Light-hearted, playful, dramatic, romantic, powerful. The first part tends to have most of the tricky notes. Prelude, Allemande, Sarabande, Bourée, Slow Minuet, Gigue. 15 mins. M/A


Pergolesi - Larghetto for viola quartet

Here is a charming and lilting viola quartet. Violas 1 & 2 are in constant dialogue and are the dominant parts. 4 mins. M/A


Praetorius - Bransle de Villages

A lovely collection of six traditional Renaissance dances, to played as a single piece of music. 5 mins. E/M


Praetorius - Fantasia for four violas

This is a magnificent and substantial piece, taking the listener on a grand and exciting journey. Lots of interest in all the parts.11.5 mins M/A


Purcell - Pavane and Chaconne

Purcell's stately Pavane and Chaconne works very well for viola quartet, with lots of interest in all the parts. 12.5 mins. M


Purcell - Three Fantasias for viola quartet

Three majestic pieces by a baroque genius, where all the players have plenty of interest. Very rewarding to play. 10 mins. M


Rachmaninov - Polka

This totally crazy, virtuoso Polka, full of humor and bravura, will be a lot of fun to play. 4.5 mins. A


Rachmaninoff - Vocalise

Surely one of Rachmaninoff's best-loved pieces, taking the listener to another world, and it works perfectly for a viola foursome. Go on, Indulge yourself, you deserve it. 5 mins. M/A


Rameau - Les Indes Galantes

Originally an opera-ballet, this eight-movement suite works particularly well for viola foursome. Zero vibrato is best we think. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.)  20 mins. M


Ravel - Valses Nobles et Sentimentales

Ravel wrote just one string quartet, and it is a masterpiece! Ah, if only there was another. Well, there is now and it's for viola quartet. And guess what? It's a masterpiece! It's a substantial work comprising 8 short movements played without a break, and has all the subtlety and imagination you would expect from one of the giants of French music. Utterly wonderful! 15 mins. M/A


Renaissance Album - for viola ensemble

This is a wonderful hand-picked collection of twelve renaissance pieces by some of the foremost composers of that period, skilfully arranged for viola quartet. What a wonderful resource for the viola scholar. 50 mins. E


Respighi - Antiche Danze ed Arie

This four-movement suite (Anantino, Andante cantabile/Allegretto/Vivace, Andantino, Maestoso/Energico piu animato) is typically in Respighi's neo-baroque style. It is a lovely, quirky piece. 16 mins. M/A


Respighi - Rhapsody for viola quartet

I have yet to find a piece by Respighi that I do not absolutely love, and this Rhapsody really is top-notch. The music takes you on a journey through the entire spectrum of emotions, and all in his effortless and highly accessible style. The perfect quartet for a viola foursome. 10 mins. M


Rimsky-Korsakov - Variations and Fugue

When you discover a new chamber work by a composer whom you thought you knew well, and see an aspect of their music that you never expected: Intimacy, introspection, and also something that defies explanation, it is a startling revelation. Well, it was for me when I discovered this wonderful piece. Based on a Russian folk melody, you will be charmed by this viola quartet. 5 mins. M


Rossini - Andante and Variations for viola quartet

What a gem! From a composer who is best know for his operas, we have discovered an early treasure that was originally scored for solo clarinet and small orchestra. But now we have our very own unique version for viola foursome where all the players have lots of melodic interest. 8.5 mis. M/A


Rossini - William Tell Overture

Strange as it may seem, this well known and popular piece makes a very exciting virtuoso viola quartet. This is the complete overture (not just the final section, as you sometimes see it), including the lovely slow opening section. Lots of action for all the players. 11 mins. A


Rousell - Prelude and Fugue

This is a high-energy frenetic prelude, followed by a complicated fugue with a lovely conclusion. 4.5 mins. A


Saint-Saëns - "Danse Macabre"

This has become a perennial favorite with our audiences. Play it as 'spookily' as you can! (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 5.5 mins. M/A


Saint-Saëns - Two Fugues for viola quartet

What a rare insight into the complexities of a great composer's mind and intellect. Saint-Saëns has mastered fugue writing with consummate skill and artistry, with these two wonderful and contrasting pieces (both in G major). 10 mins. M


Satie - Jack-in-the-Box

This three-movement suite was originally intended to be a ballet, but Satie lost the piano score so it was never orchestrated. It was eventually discovered after he died. But it makes a very entertaining and jazzy viola quartet. 6.5 mins. A


Satie - Quatre Morceaux Lent

Four slow pieces: Ogive, Saraband, Gymnopodie, Gnossienne - Ethereal, romantic, haunting, intense. Takes the listener to another world. 15 mins. E/M


Scarlatti - Suite for viola quartet

What a treasure trove of wonderful music. Scarlatti was clearly a keyboard-holic, but sifting carefully through his music we found these four pieces that were just begging to be violaized: Allegro, Fuga Moderato, Moderato, Allegro. I wonder what he'd think of them? Well, whatever, they are a joy to play. 14 mins. M/A


Schubert - Arpeggione Quartet

This is our version of the famous Arpeggione Sonata in its entirety. Three movements: Allegro moderato, Adagio, Allegretto. It translates well into a pleasing and substantial viola quartet, we hope you'll agree, with lots of interest for all the players. 25 mins. A


Schubert - Moments Musicaux

This substantial six-movement suite (Moderato, Andantino, Allegro moderato, Moderato, Allegro vivace, Allegretto), originally for piano, work very well as a viola foursome, with lots of interest in all the parts. 25 mins. A


Schubert - Overture in the Italian Style

After a slow, romantic introduction (how Italian is that?), you get a brilliant, light-hearted and virtuoso piece of pure fun. 8.5 mins. A


Schubert - "Tarantelle" for viola quartet

This is our arrangement of the dazzling finale of Schubert's third symphony, and what a fun viola quartet it is. 8 mins. A


Clara Schumann - Viola Quartet

A superb addition to our repertoire, this three-movement work has got it all: A passionate and enchanting Andante, a short Allegro Scherzo-Inermezzo, and an extraordinary finale with a powerful opening and amazing interaction between players. All the parts share the interest. 11 mins. M/A 


Robert Schumann - Märchenbilder for viola quartet

This four-movement piece (Nicht Schnell, Lebhaft, Rasch, Langsam, mit melancholischem Ausdruck) with it's mysterious title was originally scored for viola and piano, and is one of Schumann's most beguiling chamber compositions. I am thrilled to offer our very own version for viola foursome. Lots of action and dialogue with all the parts. 15.5 mins M/A


Robert Schumann - Suite for viola quartet

Here is a five-movement suite with lots of variety and interest in all the parts. A joy to perform. 14.5 mins. M


Scriabin - Two Mazurkas for viola quartet

Passion and romance. Indulge yourself in these two luscious short pieces. 4 mins. M


Smetana - Dance of the Comedians

Crazy virtuoso fun. Taken from the symphonic showpiece from his opera, The Bartered Bride, this fast and jolly polka suits the viola quartet down to the ground. Lots of action for all the players. 6.5 mins. A


Smetena - Five Waltzes for viola quartet

In the Czech style that was so typical of Smetena, these waltzes will get your feet tapping. 9 mins. M


Smetana - Fugue for viola quartet

There is always something alluring about a fugue. Smetana has a most individual and beguiling style, so when he turns his mind to fugue writing you can expect something special. He certainly does not disappoint. 3.5 mins. M/A


Strauss - Die Fledermaus Overture

Here is the famous overture to Strauss' great masterwork: the ever popular, and totally ridiculous comic opera that has been at the top of the charts ever since it was first performed. Never before arranged for viola quartet, you're going to love playing this. 9 mins. A


Strauss - Lorelei-Rheinklänge

This is one of Strauss' Grand Waltzes, and is everything that you'd expect, but with the added bonus of being a viola quartet. Top that!. 9 mins. M


Strauss - Radetzky March

Okay, I confess to one of my guilty pleasures: I love the Viennese music tradition. And what concert would be complete without the Radetzky March? Presenting our very own all-viola version. You're going to love playing it. 3 mins. E/M


Strauss - The Blue Danube Waltz

One of "The Waltz King's" great waltzes. Indeed, arguably the greatest of all. Written originally for a large orchestra, the score is a true masterpiece of both skill and simplicity, and what a result!

However, speaking as a violist who has played this remarkable piece countless times, it pains me to say the original orchestral viola part is mindnumbingly dull as it almost never gets any melodic interest.

But that's all changed. Our own version, as well as being meticulous in its accuracy, has lots of interest for all the players. Perfect! 10 mins. M


Suo Gân - Traditional Welsh folk song

As we're located in Wales UK, it is only right that we should pay homage to the Welsh folk tradition. Here is a song that everyone learns as a child and is loved the world over. It is a beautiful lullaby, and this is our viola version. 3.5mins E/M


Suppé - Pique Dame

In the unmistakable Viennese style, starting with a March, and then a virtuoso Polka, you'll love this crazy overture. 8.5 mins. M/A


Susato - Six Dances for Viola Ensemble

Ideal for the viola scholar, these six charming dances by one of the foremost Renaissance composers can be played either as a quartet or viola orchestra. Either way, we guarantee you'll enjoy them. 7 mins. E


Tartini - Viola Quartet in C Minor

This is a super three-movement quartet: Andante cantabile, Allegro, Allegro. In the classical Italian style, with lots of interest in all the parts. 11 mins. M/A


Tchaikovsky - "1812 Overture" for viola quartet

The 1812 Overture as you've never heard it before. I can assure you that even distilled into a quartet there is nothing missing, seriously! So how do we achieve the cannons? Well, after much experimentation, we use four squeaky dog toys. These can easily be operated by the players foot - problem solved. Now you try it. 16 mins. A


Tchaikovsky - Canzona (from the 4th Symphony)

One of Tchaikovsky's loveliest and most haunting melodies; the slow movement of his wonderful 4th symphony. And it works perfectly for a viola foursome. 9 mins. M/A


Tchaikovsky - Czardas from Swan Lake

Swan Lake has been at the top of the ballet charts since forever, it seems - and quite rightly because it contains some of Tchaikovsky's best writing. So we're delighted to present this charming and virtuoso Hungarian dance in our very own version for viola quartet. I know you'll love it too. 3 mins. M/A


Tchaikovsky - Suite for viola quartet

This lovely romantic four-movement suite is taken from Tchaikovsky's Seasons for piano: Autumn Song, Lily of the Valley, Barcarole, and Carnival. They adapt for viola particularly well, and are very satisfying to perform, with lots of interest in all the parts. 14 mins. M/A


Tchaikovsky - Waltz from Swan Lake

Okay I admit it, when it comes to dancing I have two left feet. But I still appreciate this serene piece of music containing some of Tchaikovsly's best loved melodies. And it works superbly for viola quartet. I guartantee you'll love it. 8 mins. M/A


Telemann - "Don Quixote" for viola quartet

This is Telemann's take on the famous tale of the delusional Don and Sancho Panza, his loyal but misguided companion. It's a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece of music - I like Telemann! I think we should perform this wearing period costume. 19 mins. E/M


Telemann - Four Concerti for four violas

Originally for four violins - what was Telemann thinking? Call me a violist, but I think these super pieces sound far better on viola than violin. So, big improvement here - our work is done. Actually, they really are great. 30 mins. E


Verdi - Ave Maria for viola ensemble

Originally for unaccompanied voices, this gorgeous slow piece of subtle close-harmony writing, with the sort of harmonies that is so unmistakably Verdi, makes a perfect work for both solo viola quartet or massed violas. Dreamy! 4 mins. E


Verdi - Requiem Fantasy

This is our very own fantasy using material from one of Verdi's greatest works. Lots of interest in all the parts. 24 mins. M/A


Villoldo - Four Tangos for viola quartet

Ángel Villoldo, writing from around the turn of the 19th century, was the great Argentine Tango King. And it is fair to say had it not been for him the tango would not be what it is today. So I'm delighted to present this volume of four lovely tangos. The first player has most of the melodic notes, but it's fabulous fun for everyone. 10 mins. M


Vivaldi - Concertino for viola quartet

A brilliant and passionate three-movement quartet in E minor, with lots of interest in all the parts. I promise you'll love it. 6 mins. M


Vivaldi - Et Misericordia

Taken from his Magnificat, this is a superb and enchanting single movement, lovely harmonies and expertly adapted for viola quartet. 3.5 mins. E


Vivaldi - Sinfonia per Quattro Viole

You'll enjoy this excellent three-movement piece of Vivaldi at his best. 10.5 mins. M


Wagner - Prelude for four violas

Taken from Lohengrin (Act II, Scene IV), this prelude is surely some of Wagner's most sublime music. 5.5 mins.  M/A


Wagner - Romanze for viola quartet

Full of passion, this short piece (at least by Wagnerian standards!) was originally intended to be an aria, but was never included in the finished opera. But what a great piece to demonstrate the breadth of expression, power and intensity of viola quartet. 5 mins. A


Walker - "Absolute Zero" Rag

The opening track on our CD. What a great piece of music, and such fun to play. (Listen to the sound-clip on our Jukebox.) 4.5 mins. A


Walker - "Loco Motif" for viola quartet

Composed especially for us, this highly entertaining piece takes the listener on a nostalgic steam locomotive journey. You're going to love it. 5 mins. M/A


Walker - Paganini Fireworks

Composed for us, Walker has created a charming and humorous picture of a firework party using the famous (and much borrowed) theme by Paganini, with lots of interest in all the parts. 11.5 mins. M/A


"Fats" Waller - Effervescent

Here's our tribute to one of the legendary Greats of jazz: a lovely, sparkling, foot-tapping, fun classic. 4.5 mis. M


Warlock - Capriol Suite for viola quartet

This suite based on early French dances has become a firm concert favorite. Here's our very own all-viola version. 10.5 mins M


Weber - Concertino for viola quartet

Pure brilliant, virtuoso, flamboyant fun. A slow romantic start leading to a lively showpiece. Plenty for all the players to show off their virtuosity. 8.5 mins. A


Wieniawski - "Reverie" for viola quartet

Romance, passion and drama in this highly operatic single movement, with plenty of interest in all the parts. 8 mins. A


Wilbye - Six Madrigals for viola ensemble

There's something very appropriate about playing these lovely pieces as a viola quartet, methinks. 15 mins. E/M


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