How much repertoire is there for a viola quartet?

Prepare to be amazed!

Originals v. Arrangements v. Transcriptions

You may be forgiven for thinking there's not a lot of repertoire for a viola quartet (you'd be wrong, but, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, you might think it), and you may also think such repertoire that does exist is confined to the odd aberration from lesser-known mid-twentieth century composers - wrong again. So where does our lengthy repertoire list come from?  Are they all arrangements or transcriptions? Certainly not. Read on…

…We are very choosy about what pieces to include in our repertoire, and they come from many sources…

Original viola quartet, Piano, Orchestral, Consort, Musical, Keyboard, Concerto, Traditional, Quartet, Cello, Vocal, Sonata, Piano trio, Gamba, Brass.

The largest category are purpose-written for the viola quartet (indeed, many for Absolute Zero Viola Quartet). Next to that, we have raided the piano archives (since they have far more than they need already). We have to be very careful, however, to choose the right piece; "for an arrangement to work, it mustn't sound like an arrangement" (Sancho Engaño). The viola does not have the range of the piano (hardly any instruments do), but it can do a lot of things that a piano cannot: sustain, crescendo, vibrato, glissando, quarter-tones, a wider range of attack and timbre, pizzicato, ponticello, and more. A skilful arrangement can unveil aspects of a piano piece that give it a completely new dimension. 

As for the orchestra: Less is more (it's chamber music thing!). Once again, we choose very carefully. Distilling a symphonic work into a viola quartet must give it a real chamber quality: intimacy, soloistic, dialogue, personal, sensitivity, dynamics.

It must draw the audience in, make them part of the performance. Something that the vastness and anonymity of an orchestra finds hard to achieve.

Mozart modernised Handel's Messiah, Schubert and Bach frequently recycled their fabulous melodies. Indeed, many of the great composers liked to arrange and re-arrange their own music, often a great work is known best in its arranged form; Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky is best know in its scored version by that unsurpassed master of orchestration, Maurice Ravel. Bach's Art of Fugue is not scored for any particular instrument, rather any combination that can preserve the linear integrity of the four human voices, and we've lost count of how many composers have helped themselves to Paganini's Twenty-Fourth Caprice. Folk music is always up-for-grabs, and early music originally scored for instruments that are passed their use-by date could do with a new airing. The challenge is to see just what a viola quartet can do with a piece. I believe we have succeeded.

We call it 'violaization', i.e. the conversion of a piece of music into the language of the viola quartet.

Here is a rather extreme example from Beethoven: the third variation from his amazing Opus 111 Piano Sonata. Not an easy piece to read, you must agree. And note the unusual time signature! After some careful 'violaization', and without changing a single note, it became Beethoven Boogie. The title was Ross's fault. He was having his mid-life crisis at the time and thought it was just begging to be called Boogie - admittedly, perfectly understandable if you've heard it. It later became the 7th track on the CD album.

Much of the repertoire listed below is available to purchase from Our Music Shop and are marked with *

Zequinha Abreu
Tico-tico no fubá*
Tomaso Albinoni

Sinfonia in D (3 movements)*

(live sound-clip)


Country Dance


Emanuel Adriaenssen
Almande for viola ensemble
Constanzo Antegnati
La Battera
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Quartet in A minor*

Johann Sebastian Bach

Alla Duodecima*



Cum Sancto Spiritu*

Minuet and Badinerie*

Prelude Adagio* 

Prelude and Fugue in C minor*

Quartet Sonata*

Three Fantasias for viola quartet* 

Bálint Bakfark
Two Fantasies for viola quartet
Simon Bainbridge
Birthday Fragment
Adriano Banchieri
La Feliciana
Béla Bartók Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs*

Ludwig van Beethoven

Arietta Variations


Für Elise for viola quartet* 

Für Elise (plus) for viola quartet* 

Prometheus Overture*

Quartet Op. 111*


Rondo a Capriccio Op.129(movie clip)

Satz für Bratschenquartett*

Serenade (7 movements)*

Symphony No. 5*

John Bennet
Hector Berlioz

Fugue à trois jujets

Hungarian March*

Hymn pour lévévation

Reverie et Caprice 

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Harmonia Artificiosa - Ariosa

Georges Bizet

Cavatina for viola quartet* 

La Fleur que tu m'avais jetée


Luigi Boccherini
Sonatina (3 movements)*
York Bowen
Fantasie for Four Violas
Alexander Borodin


Polka for viola quartet* 

William Boyce
Introduction and Allegro

Johannes Brahms

Adagio from 2nd Symphony*

Appassionata Op. 120*

Four Hungarian Dances*

Poco Allegretto (from 3rd Symphony)*

Quartet in A Minor*

Variations on a theme by Haydn*

Thomas Brewer
Pavin for four violas
Frank Bridge

Cradle Song


Max Bruch

Adagio on a Celtic Melody*

Romanze for viola quartet*

Quartet Concerto (3 movements)*

Anton Bruckner

Fantasie for viola quartet*

Prelude in D minor

Benedikt Brydern
Pedestrian Crossing
David Burndrett
Tasty Tango for Viola Quartet
George Butterworth
The Banks of Green Willow*
Dietrich Buxtehude
Passacaglia for four violas
William Byrd
Suite for viola quartet (5 movements)*
Emmanuel Chabrier

Boureé Fantasque*

Danse Villageoise

Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Concert pour quatre parties de violes
Amédée-Ernest Chausson
Quelques Danses*
Luigi Cherubini
Sonatina for viola quartet*

Fryderyk Chopin

Fantasy for viola quartet* 


Eric Coates
Arcangelo Corelli
Christmas Concerto*

Four Concerti for Viola Quartet 

François Couperin
Les Baricades Mystérieuses
Claude-Achille Debussy

Three Pieces for Viola Quartet*

En Bateau for viola quartet* 

Léo Delibes
Pizzicati for viola quartet*
Frederick Delius
August Carl Ditters von Dittersforf
Noturno for four violas
John Dowland
In darkness let me dwell*
Guillaume Dufay
L'homme armé
Antonín Dvorák




Largo, from the New World*

Song to the Moon* 

Edward Elgar

Five Pieces for viola quartet*

"Nimrod" for viola quartet*

Romance for bassoon and viola quartet

Three Charming Viola Quartets*

Sancho Engaño

(our associate composer)

Bach for Oscar

Bach in the Dark


Beads for voice and viola quartet (live sound-clip)

Blues Suite (4 movements)*

Blue Syncopation

Dance Suite (5 movements)

El Rezo del Soldado


For Four

Fugal Schmugal*

Happy Classical Birthday*

Heading for Home

Hello Sailor



Noche de Música 



Spanish Quartet

Story of Two Minstrels* (video clip)

Tango Bach*

Tap Dance

Tricksy Pizzi*

The Gypsy Viola*

Two Canons

Ukulele  (Live sound-clip)

Manuel de FallaPièces Espagnoles (4 mvts)*
Giles FarnabyFour Pieces for viola quartet*
Johann Freidrich Fasch
Sonatina for viola quartet (4 mvts.)*
Gabriel Fauré

Fantasie Op.79*

Four Pieces for Viola Quartet*


Folk Music Album (6 movements)*
César Franck
Two Melodies for viola quartet
Giovanni Gabrieli

Sonata XXI

In Ecclesiis

Quattro Canzoni*

Claude Gervaise
Pavane - La Venissiene
George N. Gianopoulos
Hatzlacha Rabbah for viola quartet
Alaxander Glazanov
Theme and Variations*
Mikhail Glinka

Rondino Brillante*

Ruslan and Ludmila Overture* 

Christoph Willibald GluckPizzicato*
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Le Bananier
Charles Gounod
Marche Pontificale
Enrique Granados
Three Spanish Dances*
Edvard Grieg
Four poetic tone pictures*
Giovanni Battista GrilloThree Canzoni for viola ensemble*
George Frideric Handel

Larghetto in F Major

Overture from Alexander's Feast

"Messiah" Concerto*



Franz Joseph Haydn

The Joke



Viola Quartet in D major (3 movements)*

Gustav Holst
Suite for viola quartet (3 movements)*
Johann Nepomuk HummelPotpourri for Viola Quartet*
Engelbert HumperdinckWiegenlied*

Irish Traditional

The Drunken Sailor

The Green Groves of Erin

A Hard Road to Travel*

Rolling on the Ryegrass*

Sheahan's Reel

Leos Janácek Zdenka Variations

Scott Joplin

Ragtime Dance*

Weeping Willow*

Friedrich Kalkbrenner
Rondo for Viola Quartet
Rodolphe Kreutzer
"Number Two" for viola quartet*
Edouard Lalo


Two Folk Melodies for viola quartet*

Orlando di Lassus

Matona mia cara

Pensieri di pace*

Jean Marie Leclair

Saraband et Tambourin*

Tambourin for viola quartet

Franz LehárHungarian Fantasy*
Franz Liszt
Csárdás Macabre
Pietro Locatelli
Sinfonia Funebre for viola quartet       (5 movements)
Patrick Loiseleur
Râga nº1 bis for viola quartet
Hamish MacCunn
Hornpipe for viola quartet*

Gustav Mahler

Ländler (from First Symphony)*


Marin Marais
Suite for viola quartet (5 movements)*
Florentio Maschera
Jules Massenet

Élégie for viola quartet


Suite for viola quartet (4 movements)* 

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

Fingal's Cave*

March for Viola Quartet




Sinfonia in B flat major (3 movements)*

Sinfonia in D major (3 movements)

Symphony No. 4 (4 movements)

Viola Quartet in C minor (3 mvts)*

Thomas Morley

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Adagio in F Minor

Allegro Spiritoso*

Fugue K.173

Romance K. 466

Rondo alla Turca*

The Magic Flute Fantasy*

Symphony number 40 (complete)*

Viola Quartet in C Major

Viola Quartet in C Minor

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky


Pictures at an Exhibition* 

Souvenir d'Enfance 

Three pieces for viola quartet

Ulrich Nehls
Slicky Slide Swing
Carl Nielsen


Six Miniatures for viola quartet*

Ottokar NovácekEight Bulgarian Dances for viola quartet*
Johann Pachelbel

Fantasia in C Minor

Fugue in D Minor

Gigue for four violas

Niccolò Paganini

La Campanella

Moto Perpetuo


Charles Hastings Hubert ParryLady Radnor's Suite*
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Larghetto for viola quartet*
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Four pieces for viola ensemble*
Michael Praetorius

Bransle de Villages*

Fantasia for four violas*

Serge Prokofiev
Visions Fugitives (4 movements)
Giacomo Puccini
Henry Purcell


Pavane and Chaconne*

Three Fantasias for viola quartet*

Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff

Canon for Viola Quartet

Polka for Viola Quartet*

Vocalise for Viola Quartet*

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Les Indes Galantes (8 movements)*

Maurice Ravel

Suite pour Quatre Altos (5 movements)

Valses Nobles et Sentimentales* 

Max RegerPrelude and Fugue*
Renaissance Album
(12 pieces)*

Ottorino Respeghi

Antiche Danze ed Arie (4 movements)*


Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

Flight of the Bumble-bee*

In the Monastery

Variations and Fugue*

Salomone Rossi
Gioachino Antonio Rossini

Andante and Variations* 

The Barber of Seville Overture* 

Semiramide Overture

William Tell Overture* (movie clip)

Albert Roussel
Prelude and Fugue*

Camille Saint-Saëns

Danse Macabre*

Two Fugues for viola quartet*

Pablo de Sarasate
Erik Satie

Jack in the box (3 movements)*

Quatre Morceaux Lent* 

Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata in F

Suite for viola quartet (4 movements)*

Arnold Schoenburg
Chromatische Pfade

Franz Schubert

'Arpeggione' Quartet (3 movements)*

Moments Musicaux*

Overture in the Italian Style*


Clara SchumannViola Quartet in three movements*
Robert Schumann

Märchenbilder for viola quartet* 

Suite for four violas (5 movements)

Alexander Scriabin
Two Mazurkas for viola quartet*
Jean SibeliusSuite for viola quartet (5 movements)
Bedrich Smetana

Dance of the Comedians*

Five waltzes for viola quartet*

Fugue for viola quartet* 

John Philip Sousa
The Liberty Bell March
Johann Strauss I

Lorelei Rheinklänge*

Radetzky March*

Johann Strauss II


Die Fledermaus Overture*

The Blue Danube Waltz* 

Franz von Suppé Pique Dame*
Suo Gân
Welsh folk song*
Tielman Susato

Il etail une fillett

Six Dances for viola ensemble*

Giuseppe Tartini

Adagio Cantabile

Viola Quartet in C minor (3 movements)*

Peter Taylor
Prelude Calypso

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

1812 Overture*

Andante Semplice

Aveu Passionné

Canzona from 4th Symphony

Czardas from Swan Lake*

Suite for viola quartet (4 movements)

Valse Sentimentale

Waltz from Swan Lake*

Georg Philipp Telemann

4 Concerti à 4 viole*

Viola quartet in G major

Don Quixote Suite (8 movements)*

Guiseppe Verdi

Ave Maria* 


Requiem Fantasy*

Ángel VilloldoFour Tangos for viola quartet*
Antonio Vivaldi

Et Misericordia*

Concertino for Viola Quartet (3 movements)*

Largo from 'Winter'

Sinfonia per quattro viole (3 movements)*

Richard Wagner



Geoffrey Walker

Absolute Zero Rag*

Loco Motif*

Paganini Fireworks*

Thomas "Fats" Waller
Effervescent for viola quartet
Peter Warlock
Capriol Suite (6 movements)*
Carl Maria von Weber

Andante & Hungarian Rondo

Concertino for viola quartet* 

Anton Webern
Thomas Weelkes
Pavan for four violas
Welsh Traditional
Suo Gân*
Henryk Wieniawski
Max von Weinzierl
Nachtstück für 4 violen, Op.34
John WilbyeSix Madrigals for Viola Quartet*

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