Walker – Paganini Fireworks



This is what the composer says about this work:

“A set of variations on the much-used 24th Caprice by Nicolo Paganini, this piece presents scenes from a bonfire party.  No other composer has done this before, and you can hardly blame them. Another novelty is that the theme comes after the first variation. Easy mistake to make.

The introduction, variation 1, and the theme depict folk throwing firelighters on a pile of wood which starts to crackle and then burns. They set off some fireworks (rockets, jumping jacks,and catherine wheels) in variations 2 to 4 and then dance a slightly over the top tango followed by a waltz in variations 5 and 6.

As the dark falls and the bonfire dies down they stand around with sparklers and gaze nostalgically into the glowing embers of the fire (variations 7 and 8).

Before they leave they have time for one of those excessively energetic country dances that people  do when they’ve had too much to drink.

Just before the end the violas play some of the notes of the original Paganini theme quite slowly. If you recognise that this sounds very like the tune used for the words “Time to Go Home” then you obviously used to watch “Andy Pandy” on TV many years ago. I shouldn’t mention this to anyone.

No violas were singed during the composition of this piece. Sorry.


 11.5 mins. M/A

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