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We have attempted to categorize every work in our library according to its technical playability, and have created 5 separate categories:

E Easy. Suitable for relative beginners, mostly in 1st position

E/M – Easy to Moderate. Suitable for moderate ability players, there will be some simple position changes, and double-stops in 1st position

M – Moderate. Suitable for players who are familiar with position changing, clef changes, and vibrato. There may be some double-stops out of 1st position

M/A – Moderate to Advanced. Suitable for more advanced scholars

A – Advanced. Suitable for advanced scholars and professionals

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Some of our bows. From bottom to top: A.R. Bultitude, Eugene Sartory, Benoit Rolland, Victor Thomassin, James Tubbs, W. E. Hill & Sons, W. E. Hill & Sons, John Stagg, John Stagg.