Joplin – Album for viola quartet



Here’s something we’ve been missing from our library for far too long. At long last, a complete album containing 12 of the best pieces by Scott Joplin. We have chosen a varied selection of Rags, Waltz, March, Ballads, and more, giving a great insight to the composers varied and accomplished styles. These were all originally for piano, but they arrange particularly well for a viola foursome. What fun! 50 mins. M

Here’s what you get:

1. The Chrysanthemum (An Afro-American Intermezzo)

2. When Your Hair is Like the Snow

3. The Easy Winners (A Ragtime Two Step)

4. March Majestic (March and Two Step)

5. Heliotrope Bouquet (A Slow Drag Two Step)

6. Bink’s Waltz

7. Rose Leaf Rag

8. Little Black Baby

9. Euphonic Sounds (A Syncopated Two Step)

10. Pleasant Moments (A Ragtime Waltz)

11. Maple Leaf Rag

12. The Entertainer


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