Bach, J S – English Suite III for viola trio


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I have no doubt that you, being as you are a viola scholar, will be familiar with Bach’s solo cello suites and the violin sonatas and Partitas. Well, before he wrote those wonderful volumes he did something rather similar on his keyboard. Indeed, the volumes of Suites (both the French and English) set the pattern that he was to use for all such music.

So, as Bach was in the habit of arranging and re-arranging his own music as the spirit moved him, and as circumstances dictated (recycling is not a modern concept, you see), I have taken his third English Suite for keyboard and created a viola trio, hopefully as Bach would have done himself had he gotten around to it – well, we like to think so, anyway.

There are 7 movements: Prelude, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte I, Gavotte II, Gigue. All the players have plenty of interest. Wonderful! 20 mins. M

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