Berlioz – Les Nuits D’eté


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Hector Berlioz did not write even one string quartet. Why? I find that hard to forgive. Or perhaps he simply never got around to it, because I can’t help thinking (speaking as a great admirer of Berlioz’ superb writing) that he would have produced a winner had he put his mind to it.

However, we like to think that had he done so it might look a little like this viola quartet adaptation of his wonderful song cycle: Les Nuits D’eté.

Comprising 6 movements: Villanelle, Les Spectre de la Rose, Sur les Lagunes, Absence, Au Cimetière Clair de Lune, L’ile inconnue.

Full of variety, color, style, élan, pathos, romance, and all of Berlioz’ quirky nuances that we love so much. 30 mins. M

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