Coleridge-Taylor – Eight Negro Melodies



What an amazing man, what a phenomenal talent, and what a fascinating life’s story.
Born in England to mixed race parents, his musical talent was encouraged when he was young, eventually going to the Royal College of Music where he studied composition with Charles Stanford. He was also encouraged by Edward Elgar.
As his career progressed from strength to strength he became ever more interested in his African/American slave history (on his father’s side), together with its music, hence making 3 trips to the States in pursuit of his quest.
He composed the piano album, “24 Negro Melodies”, the first eight of which I have now arranged for viola quartet: 1. At the Dawn of the Day, 2. The Stones are Very Hard, 3. Take Navandji, 4. They Will Not Lend Me a Child, 5. Song of Conquest, 6. Warriors’ Song, 7. Oloba, 8. The Bamboula. 28 mins. M

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