Telemann – “La Bouffonne” Suite for Strings



When looking at Telemann’s music for material to augment our library, opne is absolutely overwhelmed by the choice. He wrote such a lot of great music!

So I have chosen an gem; Telemann at his best. It has it all: Stylish, Majestic, Passionate, Jolly, 

As with some of our other published works, I have adapted it to work equally well for numerous combinations of strings. There are four parts:
Part 1 Viola or Violin
Part 2 Viola or Violin
Part 3 Viola
Part 4 Viola or Cello
Thus it could work just as well for a string quartet as a viola quartet, large or small ensemble, and so on. Although I should mention that the 1st part, if played on viola, though perfectly possible, is a little harder than it would be on violin.18 mins. E/M

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