Vivaldi – Summer



Presenting Summer, the second of his well known, and very popular, Four Seasons.

As far as I am aware it has never before been presented in an all-viola scenario. In fact, what you are getting is 2 versions with 3 possible ways of playing it.

Version 1 can be played both as a solo quartet and as a concerto with viola orchestra where the solos and tuttis remain faithful to Vivaldi’s original. Thus the 1st player has the most difficult part while the others accompany, complete with ripieni and senza ripieni as marked in Vivaldi’s original score.

Version 2 is for viola quartet, but the melodic interest is shared throughout the ensemble. The first player still gets the more technically challenging passages, hence the 1st part is suitable for Advanced players, while the others would be for Moderate abilities upwards. 10 mins. M, A

N.B. The other 3 Seasons are also available to purchase on this website. Or you can purchase them all in a single complete volume.

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